Private Villa

Pre-concept of a lakeview Privat Villa, plunged (recessed) into the slooping garden surrounded by olive trees. Area : 2,600 sqm Construction : Building Footprint 325 sqm

Private Palace in the Middle East

The design takes inspiration from the two key aspects of Islamic design: calligraphy and ornamentation; combining the decoration based on Islamic tradition and heritage with the modernity of an essential space as requested in the design brief. Silver medallions with intricate patterns are placed on top

Foro Bonaparte Private Appartment

A project in a newly renovated historical Palazzo in the heart of Milan. The interiors of the space are designed with a contemporary Milanese aesthetic in contrast with the original decorative façade. The high ceiling,  full-length windows that flood light into the space and the ornate

Private Palace

Design Brief: Modern style Arabic Interiors based on local traditional architecture The Master Bedroom, as a very private space, should have a  cozy, pleasant and relaxing feel. We prosed light and soft colors reflecting the shades of sand dunes at dawn with some stronger accents to give depth