Private Palace

Design Brief: Modern style Arabic Interiors based on local traditional architecture

The Master Bedroom, as a very private space, should have a  cozy, pleasant and relaxing feel.

We prosed light and soft colors reflecting the shades of sand dunes at dawn with some stronger

accents to give depth and character.

The materials are rich and natural, the details for the timber floor are inspired by the construction of a Dhow, whereas the dark wood with whitewashed finish gives it a fresh and contemporary feel.

The soft white gypsum ceiling is coffered and includes a variety of local traditional patterns, the white plaster walls are enriched with perforated metal panels and the doors are made in historical manner with metal studs, though covered in soft leather in the bedroom.

All furniture and light fittings are bespoke and designed with a hint to the local heritage.



Middle East


Interior Design Concept