Private Palace in the Middle East

The design takes inspiration from the two key aspects of Islamic design: calligraphy and ornamentation; combining the decoration based on Islamic tradition and heritage with the modernity of an essential space as requested in the design brief.

Silver medallions with intricate patterns are placed on top of the doorways giving direction physically and metaphorically. They stand out on the dark background glowing like jewels on the Midnight Blue. The choice of the intense shade of dark blue for walls and ceiling, often used in Islam artifacts, brings out the precious decorative elements and is an ideal background for the projected light elements that flood the space like a rain of lights. The dynamic use of light through the projection of Arabic calligraphy, creates an ambience of interest and solemnity, conveying an idea of wonder. An effect like a ‘magic lantern’, an early type of images projector developed in the 17th century employing pictures on sheets of glass as theatrical scenic effect.


Middle East


Interior Design Concept Foyer