Foro Bonaparte Private Appartment

A project in a newly renovated historical Palazzo in the heart of Milan.

The interiors of the space are designed with a contemporary Milanese aesthetic in contrast with the original decorative façade. The high ceiling,  full-length windows that flood light into the space and the ornate balconies were the only original decorative elements left as reminiscent of the ancient splendor.  The client opted for a contemporary design with precious materials,  a keen eye on every detail and the most updated technology.

The entrance flooring remembers the Milanese ‘Palladiana’ in a modern black and white marble pattern with an apparent random scheme that leads from white into the total black of the courtesy bathroom.

The living area features a dark boiserie with brass accents, the wood veining creates a dynamic pattern floating along the walls, leaving only one side in plain white as a ‘canvas’ for artwork.

All technical features such as the kitchen, a built in bar and the tv are incorporated in the allover design hiding them from view if not used.

The bathrooms are minimal in design as backdrop for the unique selection of exquisite materials.


Milan, Italy


Interior Design