Private Palace

Design Brief: Modern style Arabic Interiors based on local traditional architecture

The daily Entrance Foyer has rich natural materials such as Limestone and precious Onyx in beige and blue hues – with the vein cut pattern mimicking the local landscapes of the region.

The main architectural elements and details of the interiors are a contemporary interpretation of traditional Local Heritage such as the corner brackets, the ceiling cornice, the carved decorations around the architraves and the perforated brass Mashrabiyya panels.

The ample space has been divided in smaller ambiences with cozy sitting areas welcoming the guests, a central fountain to refresh and rosewater sprinklers reflecting the typical Arabic sense of hospitality.

Spatial dynamism is given by  the alternating of the spaces, the juxtaposition of different textures, colors and textiles that are reminiscent of the region’s natural elements, and lastly the light and shadow play filtered through the Mashrabiyya ceiling adding depth and dimension to the atmosphere.


Middle East


Interior Design Concept