Hotel Grande Bretagne Tower

The tower is a historic property of the Hotel, immersed in the park above the Grande Bretagne Hotel, which bears witness to the revivalist influences of the late nineteenth century. The “neo-medieval” tower in the private park will provide a unique type of hospitality experience. The project is to renovate the property while adding a garden terrace along with a wellness area for the guests to enjoy. The new volume will be positioned on the back side of the tower to minimize visibility to others. Internally, a new staircase connects the living area on the ground floor level with the bedroom on the top level with a skylight for a sleeping experience under the stars. An intermediate level houses the bath and wardrobe, while an observatory terrace gives privacy on the rooftop.

A selection of contemporary furnishings for the interiors is proposed while maintaining consistency with the historical architecture, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the environment. The restoration of the outer facade preserves the irregular stones along with terracotta accents (gothic window frames, decorative lobes, and a crowning beam), stone steps, balustrades and window sills.  The lush greenery surrounding the tower will provide privacy to the guests with respect to the road and its neighbors.



Bellagio, Italy


Architecture and Interior Design


In Progress