Caviro, Faenza, Italy

MHZ has been collaborating for years with Caviro – one of the biggest producers of wine and alcohol which is made up of an agricultural cooperative that is composed of 32 wineries producing products ranging from the best-selling table wines Tavernello and Castellino to super premium wines brands whose success is decreed by the global market. The evolution of the corporate identity is accompanied by the constant adaptation of production facilities and corporate communication. The projects described below are a testimonial to the company’s evolution:

In 2002, Caviro has changed the communication of their products from the technical and functional aspects dictated by industrial production,  moving towards a higher communication of the production. The agricultural dimension appropriates the industrial sites, opening it to the concept of environmental sustainability:

Large gardens cultivating grape vines to replace the asphalt forecourts, green plants clad the façade of the production warehouses – returning the cellar amidst a highly industrialized setting (2005).

The natural environment merges with the industrial site, moving the different greenery and landscapes Into the environment is the key to mitigating the landscape design (2007)

The cohabitation of the “Oasi delle Cicogne” in the heart of a highly industrialized setting  creates a wonderful paradox.


Faenza, Italy


Architecture and Interior Design