Museo della Filosofia

The logo for the “Museum of Philosophy”, conceived and promoted by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Milan, takes its cue from the following:

From the succession of round arches of the headquarters, located in the Renaissance building of the Ca ‘Granda, whose construction began in the second half of the fifteenth century on a project by Filarete.

From the Greek root of the word philosophy (in ancient Greek: φιλοσοφία, philosophía, composed of φιλεῖν (phileîn), “love”, and σοφία (sophía), “wisdom”), hence the derivative in the initials of the two nouns that compose it.

At the same time, the fluidity of the characters evokes the dynamism of the discipline, in the continuous evolution of philosophical problems; to close in on itself and return “to the center” of philosophical questions, in its reflection on the world and on the meaning of existence.