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Casa Bufalini, Cesena, Italy

This project is a competition, commissioned by the municipality, for the restoration of the eighteenth century Casa Bufalini in Cesena. Requested were a conservative restoration of the building structure and the requalification of its functions providing an open urban laboratory. The building is located in an area of great historical and cultural importance, in the vicinity of the Malatesta Grande Library.

The project is focused mainly on new cafeteria area. The architectural proposal attempts to enhance the geometry and verticality of the apse, the only surviving element of the church of San Francesco, which was demolished in the mid of the 19th century, and was embedded in the core of the palace, now to be the cafeteria. Therefore we proposed to remove the rectangular balcony in order to emphasize the semi-circularity of the original environment.

The furnishings are selected to give remembrance to a part of the local history,  as the treatment of the interior surfaces gives a sense of hierarchy between the original structure, cleaned to show the original finish, and the additions and demolitions made in the last century which different materials and shades. An added ‘winter garden’ structure in steel and glass gives additional space to the area and enhances the small garden.


Cesena, Italy


Competition for structural engineering and restoration and Interior Design

In collaboration with

Lares Restauri ( and the LSP Engineering  (




Competition, Commercial